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The core of our provision is to offer placement to those struggling with mainstream education and students at risk of exclusion. We offer half-day, full-day, and emergency provision for Key stages 1 through 4. With our unique combination of activity space and classroom space, the provision aims to provide a nurturing environment, in which all students have equal opportunities to engage and learn.

The provision is set up to operate like a regular school day, with time for focused learning and play, in the form of physical activity. Our unique three-tier approach to each working day ensures a progressive, challenging, and rewarding timetable and experience. Time will be allocated to each part of the system to provide a well-rounded provision.

Each student will have an individual learning plan and specific aims and outcomes to target as part of an agreement between the provision, the school, the family, and the individual.

The services we provide are listed below.

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Academic study

Our aim is to re-engage students with learning. IT systems, classroom space, kitchen facilities, and our physical learning space create a unique environment in which learning can take place. Core subjects are integrated into all activities.
Individual growth and engagement are monitored and rewarded at key stages to create positive feedback loops designed to boost confidence in the learner.


Maths & English (GCSE)
BTEC Dance / P.E
OCR Fine Art or Photography
BTEC Child development
Crafts and cooking
Basic Horticulture & Food Science
Lifeskills & Employability


Nurturing Environment

Emotional and well-being support is a core part of our programme and runs throughout. Our team is qualified to deliver Creative Expressive Therapies to enhance our learning environment and promote growth, transformation, and

This approach combined with our pastoral wrap-around services provides a safe space for clear communication about
feelings and issues students may face, allowing the staff to create the positive pathways required.



We aim to encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box. As a social enterprise, we have access to community
projects, experiences, and initiatives that the young people attending the provision can become part of.


Our academic learning and well-being goals are integrated into project work and other wide-reaching activities that are
designed to instill pride in the individual by helping others and themselves achieve.

The end goal of this work is to connect young people to positive ideas and inspirational people to bring about long-lasting change, encourage individual talents, and give them real-world work and project experience.

Examples include:
Community Garden & Allotment
Student teacher programme
Enterprise start-up advice and experience
Photography, Film, and Creative design
Outdoor pursuits and activities

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