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Our Facility

Situated in Rotherham, the Nova AP facility offers a unique approach to a learning environment. The concept was born visiting Copenhagen where an outdoor multisport activity park was used by local schools to create alternative ways of learning.

Our park, used for our physical actvities is designed to be accessible by all and encourage exploration and free play. Within the scope of the AP, the facility adds a layer to the provision unique to South Yorkshire. Active time at the provision is designed to contirbute to a healthier lifestyle, break down confidence barriers and challenge the students. It also provides an alternative environment for the academic aspects of the provision.

Our classroom is designed to be used in short effective bursts, using interactive technology and resources where possible. While we have an emphasis of physical activity, we do not neglect the importantance of lone/group work, patience, academic challenge, critical and creative thinking and following general rules for a given environment. In our case the classroom. This effort contributes to positive outcomes for family, work and educational futures. With the end goal of reintergation back into mainstream school where possible.


Our Park

  • Parkour Park

  • Dance Studio

  • Sprung Floor

  • Jigsaw Mat Floor

  • Aerial Equipment

  • Soft Blocks

  • Foam Pit


Small, focused, bright space, featuring interactive work boards and access to ICT facilities.

Most academic work takes place using technology to make it the most accessible.



Our vision is to create an environment where each young person has access to opportunities to better themselves, physically, mentally, and socially. Engaging with educational opportunities that have long-lasting positive effects.


The alternative provision serves as part of the overall NovaCity mission of providing a safe place for young people, to be young people.

More on our NovaCity vision here

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