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Our bespoke provision, focused on KS1 to KS4 has been designed to offer a positive solution to learning and engagement issues that some students may face in mainstream environments. We do this through a combination of physical activity practice and classroom learning.

Our team of experienced tutors, activity providers, and our unique environment are designed to contribute to a more positive outlook on learning and how behavioural changes will benefit both in-school experiences and after-school life, whether that be moving into the workforce or further education. There is a large focus on pastoral support and social and emotional well-being. Our building is unique as it is a fully working social enterprise, utilising staff that are part of worldwide communities, run their own companies, and serve other roles in the main NovaCity enterprise. This real-world experience opens up many opportunities for learning and social interaction.

In recent years, students on our provision have stayed on to volunteer after their placement ended and have continued to be engaged in the physical activities on offer providing a long-lasting impact.


We focus on the following core aspects to provide a well rounded approach to engagement.

•We work closely with the pupil’s school in identifying barriers to learning and providing solutions to aid reintegration.

•Use the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) a brief behavioural screening questionnaire to assess students’ areas of need and measure progress.

•Individual learning plans and points of contact throughout the provision.

•Deliver well-planned and structured sessions to promote children's personal and social development, including health and wellbeing.

•Promote self-awareness, positive self-esteem, confidence, and develop independence and responsibility.

•Make the most of their abilities.

•Learn to keep themselves and others safe.

•Develop effective and satisfying relationships.

•Learn to respect the differences between people.

•Play an active part as members of the group and community.

•Develop a healthy lifestyle.

•Respect the environment.

•Deliver GCSE qualifications in Fine Art / Sports / Health and Social Care.

•Encourage work and improvement in Maths and English.

•Work Experience.

•Access to physical activity training and health education.

•Offer career advice


Our dedicated staff team comes from across South Yorkshire and from across the the education and youth work spectrum. By combining their skills the provision is able to offer the individual curriculum and wrap-around care each student provides. Our team and cohorts are small so they can remain focused and dedicate sufficient time to each learner.

The core alternative provision staff are supported by NovaCity activity tutors which provide the phyisical activity training available.



Provision Manager

I am the proud manager of Nova Alternative Provision, I pride myself on developing a nurturing environment of inclusion with a bespoke curriculum that caters to all learning needs. One where every young person feels valued and where every young person is able to unlock their full potential.


I am passionate about giving every single young person who enters our provision a chance to succeed and find their own path in life, while providing them with the tools and resilience to aid them in their future.



Curriculum Manager

I am dedicated to helping our students achieve their full potential. Developing a curriculum that meets the diverse needs of students and schools is a challenge I embrace with enthusiasm. I am confident in the positive impact of the curriculum we have designed.

cathy BW.jpg


Tutor / One to One

I believe that every child matters and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. I focus on nurturing each student with an emphasis on improving confidence and self-esteem. I am here to support each student to make positive decisions concerning their education and wider life.

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