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Case Studies and Testimonials



JD, a Year 11 student at Novacity Alternative Provision, experienced a transformative journey thanks to the specialised curriculum designed for students with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. The provision implemented several strategies that had a profoundly positive impact on JD, including praise and positive rewards, visual learning methods, clear objectives and instructions, social time, physical activity, and structured routines.

The provision created an environment where JD felt empowered to express his voice and communicate his preferences for better engagement. Collaborating closely with the staff, JD played a role in adapting the timetable to suit his and other students' needs, resulting in improved engagement levels.

JD consistently demonstrated a higher learning ability compared to his peers. To further support his academic growth, lessons were designed to include extension tasks, challenging questions, and model answers. JD also excelled in his role as a supportive peer during lessons, exhibiting positive role model qualities from the early stages of his enrolment. Throughout his time at the provision, JD consistently maintained progress and displayed positive behaviour. He exhibited confidence, strong academic abilities, and high levels of engagement. Notably, JD's positive behaviour extended beyond his time at Nova, showcasing the overall benefits he gained from his experience at the alternative provision.


JD's remarkable progress was evident through his achievement of the highest grades and accumulation of the highest positive reward points. These achievements highlight the significant academic and behavioural improvements that JD was capable of when provided with the right environment and a differentiated curriculum tailored to his specific needs.

Words from the students

T: I have loved being back at Nova to be able to continue using all the equipment and do flips and Jumps. All the staff are really lovely and easy to talk to.


J: I have loved the last 4 weeks at Nova everyone is really nice to me and it makes me feel part of something, I also really enjoy the activities we do.


J: Nova has made me feel like I am part of something and that I belong and I have never had that in an educational setting before.

Words from a parent

He is doing amazingly well! For us, compared to this time last year, he has come along so far. Before, he was barely functioning, even on a basic level. He is managing most sessions and is growing in confidence. We are seeing his sense of humour again!

All the tutors/workers are so patient and accommodating. He particularly is enjoying his sessions with Cathy. It is wonderful to hear how he is doing via regular updates, and that he is making more eye contact. Warm, caring, and here for the whole family, Cathy has made such a positive impact in such a short space of time. Always working at his pace.


Again, to some an hour a day is nothing. But when we reflect on how he was a year ago, these sessions have made our lives and home such a happier and more positive place.

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